Forex Price Data

Forex Price Data

Barchart offers a variety of data solutions for forex/currencies. Whether you are looking for real-time, delayed data or a custom API, Barchart OnDemand can meet any need for foreign exchange data. Explore the options below to learn more:

Real-Time Forex Data API

Receive real-time data for foreign exchange markets with Barchart OnDemand's reliable API. You'll get direct access to the exchanges providing users with the lowest latency possible for real-time data.

Delayed Forex Data API

Delayed foreign exchange data is easier than ever to offer through Barchart OnDemand. Choosing our high-quality APIs for forex ensures that you will receive reliable and accurate data in the format of your choice.

End-of-Day Forex Data API

Get end-of-day data on over 800 currency pairs with Barchart OnDemand. Our APIs source forex data directly from multiple broker dealers.

Historical Forex Data API

Historical data for over 800 forex pairs is easy-to-access with a Barchart OnDemand API. Our team will work with you to provide access to our easy-to-use getHistory API for foreign exchange data.

Spot and Forward Foreign Exchange Rates

Access to both spot and forward foreign exchange rates is accessible through Barchart OnDemand.

Chart Forex Data API

Incorporate charts for foreign exchange rates on any platform with a Barchart OnDemand API. This reliable and accurate tool allows users to receive the forex chart data they need.
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