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From large corporations to media companies and start-ups, Barchart offers data and financial technology that can address many needs. See how some of our clients implement and benefit from these solutions:

Quodd Financial logo

A software vendor needing an interactive charting solution

QUODD Financial Information Services offers real-time market data management solutions, including their flagship application, QUODD Equity+.

QUODD needed a reliable interactive charting solution that would seamlessly integrate into QUODD Equity+.

In addition to charting software, QUODD needed: multiple chart types; studies and drawing tools; real-time, delayed and historical market data (including streaming data) to power the charts; as well as tick, n-minute, daily, weekly and monthly historical data.

Using Barchart's Java-based charting components, we were able to provide interactive charting for QUODD's application

Client Solutions from Barchart

that is completely integrated and a seamless experience for end users.

Barchart's customized approach gives QUODD the ability to control end-user access: QUODD is able to entitle users for the service and delineate specific exchange data for users.  See some of our clients.

Intl FCStone logo

A futures brokerage firm looking for a market data/ trading platform

INTL FCStone is a Fortune 500 financial services firm specializing in commodity trading, forex and treasury services, securities execution, and asset management.

The CommodityNetwork division, a leading source of information in the Coffee, Dairy and Cotton industries, required a customized market data and trading platform.

CommodityNetwork had specific requirements: they needed real-time commodity futures data, charts, news, analytics and electronic trading; a solution that would integrate into their own proprietary platform; a hosted mobile website solution; and an easy log-in feature for their internal administrative team to manage user access.

We provided CommodityNetwork with a turnkey solution that is entirely hosted and maintained by Barchart. The service leverages both our physical data center infrastructure (Equinix) and our cloud-based infrastructure with AWS.

Client Solutions from Barchart

The Barchart Trader platform serves as the base for the CommodityNetwork solution we developed. It is designed to be customized and white-labeled by third-parties.

We were able to integrate CommodityNetwork's news feeds into our news distribution system and build customized tools within the platform.

The entire platform is branded for CommodityNetwork and has it own unique identity.  See some of our clients.

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Canadian Press logo

Financial content and tools for a media company

The Canadian Press is Canada's most trusted multimedia news source, with over 200 journalists producing round-the-clock news for portals, daily newspapers and more than 500 radio and TV stations, and subscribers that include digital signage networks, government, corporations, publishers and associations.

Many of the media firms who work with The Canadian Press (Shaw Media, Toronto Star, LaPresse, among others) require financial contentfor their websites and daily newspapers.

Barchart provides private-labeled financial content, hosted in the cloud, to Canadian Press' clients. Our content solutions are seamlessly integrated into these third-party websites using JavaScript and JSON technologies.

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Client Solutions from Barchart

The content represents stock and index prices from Canadian, US and other exchanges, in addition to: mutual fund, commodity and foreign exchange market data.

Barchart also provides leaderboards, charting, public company financial data, news and tools like portfolio management, screeners, alerts and watchlists.

The Canadian Press and Barchart work closely together to tailor custom solutions for Canadian media outlets.  See some of our clients.

Canadian Press logo

A financial services start-up sourcing financial content for its mobile apps

Founded in 2009, San-Francisco-based missingSTEP is a leading investment analysis tool provider for the mobile market.

missingSTEP reaches over 100,000 users worldwide through their mobile applications and provides a variety of tools on a range of online platforms.

missingSTEP required real-time and delayed stock, commodity and forex market data to power its mobile apps.

They wanted a normalized data feed to receive market data for multiple markets through a single web services API, as well as a solution that directly connected end user devices to Barchart servers, with Barchart responsible for market data distribution.

The Barchart OnDemand service allowed missingSTEP to connect their apps directly to Barchart's virtualized servers at Amazon / AWS.

Client Solutions from Barchart

Mobile apps can talk directly to our servers via simple APIs like getQuote and getHistory, and deliver market data quickly to app users.

As missingSTEP develops additional apps, they can leverage the exact same APIs, and as a Barchart client, access dozens of other APIs providing a vast array of financial content.  See some of our clients.

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Comark logo

Data management and distribution for a multinational commodities firm

Comark's business includes grain trading, merchandising, risk management, logistics, and accounting for grain purchasing facilities.

As a leader in the procurement and management of grain, Comark and their member network must communicate competitive grain prices to farmers. They needed a managed solution to calculate and distribute these prices, as well as hosted websites and notification tools for delivering commodity market information to their farmer clients.

In addition, the company needed a solution to automate the flow of futures prices into their grain accounting system to prevent costly errors and slippage.

The Barchart AgriCharts platform provided the technology needed by Comark.

Client Solutions from Barchart

AgriCharts' Cash Grain Bid Management System which manages and distributes cash bids to websites, and via text and email notification services. Barchart also integrated our system with Comark's grain accounting systems to ensure an efficient flow of data.

The resulting data is maintained and delivered back to Comark's members' websites for use by thousands of farmers through our hosted solutions.

In addition, Comark uses our AgriCharts Content Management System (CMS) to manage the content and services made available through their websites.  See some of our clients.

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EDI logo

A financial data provider looking for a cloud-based, on-demand solution

Exchange Data International (EDI) is a premier provider of securities administration data, providing back-office securities data services to most of the major brokerage houses, custodians, and data vendors in the world.

EDI needed a cloud-based enterprise data management (EDM) infrastructure, along with modern web services APIs, in order to quickly get their market data to clients.

With Barchart's cloud-based EDM, Barchart OnDemand, EDI can now access a modern data distribution platform without having to build anything on their own.

Because of Barchart's early adoption of cloud-based computing, our clients can benefit from what we've learned managing an infrastructure virtualization through Amazon Web Services (AWS).

We saw early on that with this option, clients could easily integrate their own data with data sets from third-parties.

Client Solutions from Barchart

EDI sends their daily and historical price data to Barchart to integrate into our on-demand infrastructure. EDI was then able to use Barchart's same APIs to deliver market data in formats like XML and JSON, and traditional FTP file delivery, as well as using Barchart's analytical tools and displays.

Clients can now access both EDI and Barchart data through a single API, representing hundreds of consolidated equity and futures exchanges.   See some of our clients.

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Gate 39 logo

A global exchange requiring on-demand current and historical market data

Gate 39 Media has been creating websites for IBs, FCMs, CTAs, and the exchanges in the financial industry since 2001. With extensive futures trading industry experience, every team member at Gate 39 Media, from developer to designer, draws upon their experience working on projects within this industry.

Gate 39 Media was working with a global exchange to expand its with brokerage firms.

The exchange wanted to offer market data content and tools for website integration to increase the exposure of their financial instruments.

They needed a custom solution that could easily integrate into multiple brokerage firm websites, as well as a managed service.

Barchart worked with Gate 39 Media and provided them with On-Demand APIs, including APIs for delayed and historical exchange market data.

Client Solutions from Barchart

Gate 39 Media used these APIs to deliver the market data content to their own web-based user interface, which includes quote tables and interactive charting.

This service operates within AWS and is easily replicated and scalable to accommodate a growing number of brokerage websites.

It now serves as a model for the exchange to expand their marketing.   See some of our clients.

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