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            Premier research solutions., Inc. is the parent company of Commodity Research Bureau (CRB) which was established in 1934.  CRB is widely known and recognized for its financial market research products and indexes, in addition to publications, historical data and charts.

CRB has provided research solutions to the financial industry since 1934. CRB provides third-party firms with Custom Research & Report Solutions designed to provide your firm, clients and prospects with important market information and analysis. Our Custom Research & Reports also serve as valuable educational and marketing vehicles. CRB covers all financial markets and produces custom research reports on a daily, weekly, monthly or one-time basis.

CRB has been calculating and providing indices to the financial markets since 1934. CRB’s Custom Index Solutions provide the essential services for calculating third-party indices, including: the underlying data; automation of the index calculation and methodology; and distribution of the index. With our combined technical and financial expertise, CRB provides premier solutions for Custom Indices.

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