Data Feeds

Raw Exchange Data

If you already have a direct connection to the exchanges, or wish to have access to the raw, untouched original exchange data, Barchart / DDF can relay this data directly to you via a leased line or via the Internet.

Current vendors can drastically cut their operating expenses by receiving the original exchange messages from ddf. Since the data is the same as what you receive from the exchange, the time to develop and deploy this service is minimal using our APIs.

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Raw Exchange Data

  • Raw exchange feed.
  • Delivered through a leased line or through the Internet.
  • Real-time or Delayed Data.
  • You receive data message-per-message as they are reported by the exchange.

Note: If you intend to redistribute delayed or real-time data for an exchange, you are required to contract with that exchange for redistribution rights. Further, if you are redistributing real-time data, your customers are subject to subscriber fees from the exchange.

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