Data Feeds

Query / Response Data

Real-Time, Delayed or End-of-Day Market Data

Also known as an XML, Web Services, On Demand or JavaScript solution, the Query / Response server can be used to receive real-time, delayed, or end-of-day snapshot prices when requested, rather than pull continuous streams of data, as in a broadcast feed.

Historical Market Data

Historical time series data (tick, n-minute bars, daily data, continuation data, etc.) can also be requested from our query / response servers for building charts, downloading historical data, back testing or historical analysis. Barchart maintains extensive amounts of pristine historical market data. See our Market Data Inventory for information about our archives of historical market data.

Our database is one of the most pristine databases in the industry. With enhanced error-checking capabilities, our data files can provide your service with quality data from all of our data sources.

Query / Response Data

  • Query market data on demand for front and back-office applications.
  • Produce custom website solutions.
  • Flexible query statements allow you to retrieve a wide variety of data sets, including those with multiple symbols or wide timeframes.
  • Real-time, Delayed, or End-of-Day Snapshot prices.
  • Build charts with historical time series data (tick, n-minute bars, daily, continuation data, etc.)
  • Download historical market data for backtesting and analysis.
  • Delivered through a leased line or through the Internet.
  • Write your own interface.
  • Can be licensed to clients directly.

Query/Response data is priced by usage on a calender basis.

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