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Broadcast Data Feed

Barchart / DDF can deliver real-time or delayed broadcast data feeds to your server-application via leased lines or through the Internet. To interface to our data feeds, we offer three APIs choices (Win32/COM, Java or .Net) or write you own interface. Our code samples and documentation, available in the Client Login area make the development process less time consuming and more efficient.

If you are developing a software solution and would like to incorporate real-time, delayed, end-of-day or historical data into your product, our data feeds solutions can deliver data straight to your application at your client site. Your software can be live with our market data in just minutes.

The broadcast data feed can also be used by independent software vendors (ISVs) looking to avoid the high cost associated with market data vendors by feeding client applications directly.

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Broadcast Data

  • Use the Barchart DDF market data feed to produce custom web solutions.
  • As an Independent Software Vendor, incorporate Barchart DDF market data within your software package.
  • Power a back-office risk management and/or accounting system.
  • Suppy data to front-office applications like electronic trading platforms, charting applications and financial analysis systems.
  • Depending on how you use the data, we can handle administrative functions associated with real-time data distribution, such as billing, reporting, and authentication.
  • The broadcast feed can be licensed to clients directly.
Note: If you intend to redistribute delayed or real-time data for an exchange, you are required to contract with that exchange for redistribution rights. Further, if you are redistributing real-time data, your customers are subject to subscriber fees from the exchange.

To learn more about our Broadcast Data Feed Solutions, please explore this section further or Contact Us.