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Barchart Announces Connectivity to Eris Exchange for Swap Futures
January 21, 2015

CHICAGO, IL – January 21, 2015 – Barchart, a leading provider of market data and information, today announced the availability of Eris Exchange through its data feed services and trading platform, Barchart Trader. Eris Exchange market data is available through Barchart's normalized and raw data feed services, including real-time and historical data, as well as Barchart’s cloud-based API service—Barchart OnDemand. Users of Barchart Trader can also access real-time and historical Eris Exchange market data...

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Eero Pikat of @Barchart looks back on 2014 and discusses the outlook for 2015
December 22, 2014

CHICAGO, IL – December 22, 2014 What were the major themes of your business in 2014?
In 2014, we saw a major shift by not only start-ups, but also established firms, from pre-created content and widgets to JSON-delivered data, either to an app or to the browser. Software developers — even financial software developers — are embracing cloud-based solutions. After the cloud experiment was proven in other industries, financial technologists finally trust solutions, overcoming preconceived misconceptions regarding the cloud's security, stability, and speed ...

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Free New Mobile App from Successful Farming and AgriCharts
November 3, 2014

DES MOINES, IA – November 3, 2014 – Farmers have been early adopters of many communications technologies, and Successful Farming and AgriCharts are meeting that growing demand by launching a new app for farmers on the go.

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Barchart’s Cloud Service Delivers On-Demand Equity Options Market Data
October 23, 2014

CHICAGO, IL – October 23, 2014 –, Inc., a leading provider of market data and information, today announced the availability of US and Canadian equity options price data through Barchart OnDemand. Barchart OnDemand is a cloud-based service developed for accessing and delivering market data and information using web services APIs.   ▶ Read more

Barchart Launches New Website for Institutional Clients and Introduces EDM Solutions
October 7, 2014

CHICAGO, IL – October 7, 2014 –, Inc., a leading provider of market data and information, today announced the launch of a new website featuring financial technology and market data solutions specifically designed for business-to-business (B2B) clients and the introduction of Enterprise Data Management (EDM) solutions.   ▶ Read more

Barchart OnDemand Offers Global Commodity Pricing through Amazon Web Services
September 23, 2014

CHICAGO, IL – September 23, 2014 – Barchart announced the availability of global commodity / futures pricing through Barchart OnDemand. Barchart OnDemand is a cloud-based service developed for accessing and delivering market data and information using web services.   ▶ Read more

Barchart Trader Platform Adds Options Analysis and Strategy Builder
September 16, 2014

CHICAGO, IL – September 16, 2014 – With the advanced options analysis and options strategy builder module, you can adjust market variables, calculate real-time Greeks and theoretical prices, and visualize your potential payoff for both simple and complex options trading strategies.   ▶ Read more

Barchart Announces the Addition of The CRB Commodity Y Yearbook
75-year Collection to Mergent Archives™

August 27, 2014

CHICAGO, IL – August 27, 2014 – Now, 75 years of CRB Commodity Yearbooks are available through Mergent Archives. Since 1939, professional traders, commercial hedgers, portfolio managers and speculators around the world have come to rely on The CRB Commodity Yearbook to help them navigate the uncertainties of the commodity markets.  ▶ Read more

Say Goodbye to Multiple Financial Tracking Apps!
Barchart App Provides Extensive Market Data for Stocks, Futures and Forex in One Place

July 22, 2014

CHICAGO, IL – July 22, 2014 – Available for iOS and Android devices, the mobile app’s technologically advanced configuration provides comprehensive financial data for US and Canadian stocks and indices, futures and Forex markets. In addition to standard charting and data, users can access extensive analysis and information, company income statements ...   ▶ Read more

Barchart Releases Java Client for OnDemand APIs
July 10, 2014

CHICAGO, IL – July 10, 2014 –, Inc. announced the release of a native Java client for accessing Barchart OnDemand APIs. The open source Java client is available as a public project through gitHub, which means registered gitHub users can also make contributions to the project.   ▶ Read more

iPad Futures Trading App Released by Barchart
June 17, 2014

CHICAGO, IL – June 17, 2014 – Barchart announced the release of Barchart Trader for iPad®. The app, which is available for free through the Apple® App Store, features a touch interface and key tools such as streaming real-time quotes, interactive charts ...   ▶ Read more

New Commodity Futures APIs from Barchart Simplify Access to Market Data
June 12, 2014

CHICAGO, IL – June 12, 2014 – Barchart has released several new web services APIs made available through its Barchart OnDemand service. The new APIs are designed to serve the commodity futures industry including agricultural, energy, metals and softs markets. Barchart OnDemand is a cloud-based service ...   ▶ Read more

Worldwide Equity Pricing Available through Barchart OnDemand
March 12, 2014

CHICAGO, IL – March 12, 2014 – Barchart announced availability of worldwide equity market data through Barchart OnDemand. In partnership with Exchange Data International (EDI), a provider of global security corporate actions, pricing and reference data, Barchart OnDemand now delivers end-of-day and historical equity pricing from over 170 exchanges.   ▶ Read more

Barchart Launches Equity Option Center and Adds Naked Puts and Credit Spreads to its Advanced Option Screener
March 5, 2014

CHICAGO, IL – March 5, 2014 – Barchart has released its equity option center on its flagship website, as well as a major upgrade to its covered call screener, with the addition of naked puts, credit spreads, and intraday updates.   ▶ Read more

Barchart Publishes the 2014 Edition of the CRB Encyclopedia
February 12, 2014

CHICAGO, IL – February 12, 2014 – Commodity Research Bureau (CRB) announces the publication of the 2014 version of The CRB Encyclopedia of Commodity and Financial Markets. The CRB Encyclopedia is known as an authoritative guide to research and trading in the commodity and financial markets. The CRB Encyclopedia is only available for purchase ...   ▶ Read more

iPhone Futures Trading App Released by Barchart

CHICAGO, IL – February 3, 2014 – Barchart has released Barchart Trader for iPhone®. The app is available for free through the Apple® App Store as “Barchart Trader”. The mobile trading solution features key tools such as streaming real-time quotes, charts, market depth, cumulative volume, and time and sales. Users can execute futures trades, ...   ▶ Read more

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Barchart Releases New OnDemand Market Data APIs
December 4, 2013 |   ▶ Read more

Barchart Launches Stocks, Futures and Forex Mobile App for iOS and Android with Extensive Market Data and News Coverage
November 19, 2013 |   ▶ Read more

Barchart Launches Mobile App for Android Phones with Live Futures Trading and Streaming Real-Time Market Data
November 6, 2013 |   ▶ Read more Introduces Strategic Alerts for Stocks, Futures, Forex and Indices
October 29, 2013 |   ▶ Read more

Extensive Market Data Cloud Launched by Barchart—Introducing Barchart OnDemand
October 1, 2013 |   ▶ Read more

Barchart Launches Next Generation Market Data and Trading Platform—Barchart Trader
September 10, 2013 |   ▶ Read more

Barchart Connects to NYSE Technologies' SFTI Network
June 18, 2013 |   ▶ Read more

Barchart Releases Free Market Data Widgets for Websites
May 29, 2013 |   ▶ Read more Launches Equity Option Covered Call Screener
February 26, 2013 |   ▶ Read more

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Leader in Mobile Stock Charting Launches New Real-Time Stock and Forex Feeds
October 9, 2012 |   ▶ Read more

RCG Onyx Plus Trading Platform Integrates Advanced Charting from Barchart
September 24, 2012 |   ▶ Read more

Barchart Provides Integrated Charting to QUODD Financial Information Systems
August 28, 2012 |   ▶ Read more Introduces Free Real-Time Prices on U.S. Stocks and a New Economy Section
May 22, 2012 |   ▶ Read more

AgriCharts and IRON Solutions Form Ag Media Alliance
May 3, 2012 |   ▶ Read more

Barchart Delivers New Trading Application to CommodityNetwork, a Service of INTL FCStone
April 18, 2012 |   ▶ Read more

AgriCharts Brings Advanced Interactive Weather to Agribusiness Websites
March 1, 2012 |   ▶ Read more

Barchart Expands its Market Data and Information Business with New Content
January 10, 2012 |   ▶ Read more

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AgriCharts Launches New Mobile Application for Agricultural Markets
November 29, 2011 |   ▶ Read more

Barchart Partners with The on Investment Decision and Market Timing Systems
October 18, 2011 |   ▶ Read more

Barchart Partners with Modulus on a New Social Media Market Analysis Tool
October 5, 2011 |   ▶ Read more

Barchart Acquires Stockgroup Media Inc.'s Financial Tools Business
August 30, 2011 |   ▶ Read more

AgriCharts' Website Hosting Platform Enhances Clients’ Growing Businesses
August 23, 2011 |   ▶ Read more

Barchart Partners with Technical Trading Solutions, Provider of iPad® Charting App
July 28, 2011 |   ▶ Read more Introduces a Powerful New Tool for Futures, Equity and Forex Traders
July 7, 2011 |   ▶ Read more

CRB Publishes the 2011 Edition of the Commodity Yearbook
May 24, 2011 |   ▶ Read more

TriggerPoint Trading Now Supports Market Data from Barchart
April 12, 2011 |   ▶ Read more

MotiveWave Software Integrates Barchart Market Data
March 10, 2011 |   ▶ Read more

CRB Launches a New Monthly Report on Futures Price and Volume Activity
January 24, 2011 |   ▶ Read more

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farmdoc Website Adds Website Hosting and Content from AgriCharts
December 9, 2010 |   ▶ Read more

Inside Market Data's Special Report on Commodities Features Commodity Research Bureau (CRB)
December 8, 2010 |   ▶ Read more

AgriCharts Completes System Wide Enhancements for Website Hosting Platform
December 1, 2010 |   ▶ Read more

AgriCharts Offers Free Professional Commodity Market Software for Quotes, Charts, News and Weather
October 20, 2010 |   ▶ Read more

AgriCharts Launches a New Website for Agribusinesses
October 12, 2010 |   ▶ Read more

New Forex Market Data and Analysis Tools Available on
August 24, 2010 |   ▶ Read more Features New Futures Market Data and Analysis Tools
August 11, 2010 |   ▶ Read more

Commodity Research Bureau Launches Expanded Global Commodity Pricing Service
July 27, 2010 |   ▶ Read more

Barchart Launches On-Demand Historical Data Feed Service
July 13, 2010 |   ▶ Read more

SSI and AgriCharts Offer Real-Time Commodity Solutions to Agribusinesses
July 8, 2010 |   ▶ Read more

AgriCharts Launches GrainProfessional Publication for Grain Merchandisers
March 31, 2010 |   ▶ Read more

Barchart Launches Extensive ETF Fundamental Data Service
March 4, 2010 |   ▶ Read more

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Barchart Announces the Beta Release of a New
October 20, 2009 |   ▶ Read more

Barchart Expands Data Centers to Equinix and Amazon EC2
September 24, 2009 |   ▶ Read more

AgriCharts and AgTrax Offer Real-Time Commodity Accounting Solutions to Agribusinesses
July 9, 2009 |   ▶ Read more

Barchart Powers New TraderBytes Real-Time Market Data Feed Service
May 13, 2009 |   ▶ Read more

AgriCharts Launches New Cash Bid Management Tools for the Grain Industry
May 12, 2009 |   ▶ Read more

AgriCharts Provides Solution for Brock Associates Mobile Platform
April 2, 2009 |   ▶ Read more

CRB Division of Barchart Launches Ethanol Outlook Report for CME Group
March 24, 2009 |   ▶ Read more

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Barchart Launches New Website for Institutional Clients
November 18, 2008 |   ▶ Read more

Aqumin LLC to Include Barchart’s DDF Real-Time Data in Launch of Innovative New Financial Software
November 10, 2008 |   ▶ Read more

AgriCharts and Farms Technology Offer Integrated Solutions to Grain Buyers and Producers
November 6, 2008 |   ▶ Read more

AgriCharts Launches Mobile Website for Agricultural Markets
July 30, 2008 |   ▶ Read more

Barchart Real-Time Data Now Available through NinjaTrader™
July 18, 2008 |   ▶ Read more

Barchart Provides Lind-Waldock and Avadhi Real-Time Data for the Lind Elite Trading Platform
June 5, 2008 |   ▶ Read more

AgriCharts Launches Free Quote Service for Agricultural Industry
April 16, 2008 |   ▶ Read more

New Website Features Barchart Market Data Solutions
April 15, 2008 |   ▶ Read more

CRB Division of Barchart Announces Launch of Eurex European Markets Newsletter
March 19, 2008 |   ▶ Read more

Barchart Launches New Real-Time Market Data Application: Barchart WebStation
March 4, 2008 |   ▶ Read more

Rosenthal Collins Group Introduces, Inc Charting on RCG ONYX® 2 Platform
February 19, 2008 |   ▶ Read more

AgriCharts Division of Launches Daily Agricultural Newsletter, Historical Data and Advanced Charts
January 23, 2008 |   ▶ Read more

2 0 0 7 Launches AgriCharts Division to Provide Website Services and Data Products to Agricultural Industry
December 11, 2007 |   ▶ Read more Launches CRB News and News Feed
December 5, 2007 |   ▶ Read more, Inc. Acquires, LLC
September 12, 2007 |   ▶ Read more, Inc. Completes Acquisition of from Traders Media, LLC
July 19, 2007 |   ▶ Read more, Inc. Hires Mark Haraburda as Head of Business Development and Sales
July 17, 2007 |   ▶ Read more

Market Simplified Inc. Partners With, Inc. to Launch an Online and Mobile Financial Search Platform
June 27, 2007 |   ▶ Read more

2 0 0 6 Content Now Available on
December 6, 2006 |   ▶ Read more

Commodity Research Bureau Releases 2006 Edition of The CRB Encyclopedia of Commodity and Financial Prices
August 22, 2006 |   ▶ Read more Launches Redesigned Homepage
June 27, 2006 |   ▶ Read more

Barchart Completes Acquisition of United States Chart Company from Ken Roberts Company
June 8, 2006 |   ▶ Read more

Commodity Research Bureau Completes Acquisition of Commodity Price Charts from Futures Magazine
June 8, 2006 |   ▶ Read more
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