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Barchart Provides Integrated Charting to QUODD Financial Information Systems

CHICAGO, IL – August 28, 2012 –, Inc., a leading provider of market data and information, today announced that it is providing integrated charting to QUODD Financial Information Services' QUODD Equity+ Professional Market Data Workstation. QUODD’s users now have access to Barchart’s fully interactive and real-time streaming charts. The charts include access to equity, index, futures and foreign exchange markets. Additionally, users can access tick-by-tick charts, as well as n-minute bars and end-of-day data, all of which include extensive historical data. The integrated charts are full-featured and include both standard and advanced functionality like dozens of technical indicators, drawing tools, linking by time period and symbol, pre/post market data, comparisons, and custom equations.

"Our implementation with QUODD showcases our interactive charts within an institutional level platform that has become widely used and highly regarded throughout the financial industry," said Eero Pikat, President of Barchart. "The integration between Barchart and QUODD provides their end-users with seamless access to a powerful charting application that offers advanced capabilities yet is easy-to-use," added Pikat.

"We are extremely excited to have partnered with Barchart," saysDennis Cassidy, Chief Executive Officer of QUODD Financial Information Services."Wechanged vendor suppliers to provide more content and capabilities that would allow it to appeal to a wider audience, specifically proprietary equities traders. This will benefit existing clients because we can offer new functions. But it also opens up a new world for us that we couldn’t address before because we didn't have those functions. One of the main drivers of this was to enable us to go after new markets," Cassidy says. "These capabilities, combined with our upcoming ticker plant and direct feeds, will allow us to address a company’s entire data needs, from desktops to data feeds and algorithmic trading."

QUODDneeded key features that Barchart already provided, such as pre/post market data, as well as futures data, especially for benchmark equities index futures. "We look forward to a great relationship with Barchart," says Cassidy.

For more information on Barchart’s market data solutions, please visit . And, for more information on QUODD’s Professional Market Data Workstation, QUODD Equity+, please visit .

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