Data Feeds Overview

Whatever your requirements, Barchart offers a wide range of data feeds: low-latency raw feeds, real-time streaming, real-time snapshot, delayed streaming, delayed snapshot, end-of-day and historical.

We can provide front, middle and back-office data feeds covering Futures, Commodities, Stocks, Indices, Forex, News, Fundamental Data, Technical Data and Weather.

In addition to high-quality market data, we offer responsive support and clear data feed pricing.  Learn more about our data feed technology and compatibility.

Broadcast Data Feeds


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Barchart can deliver real-time or delayed broadcast data feeds via leased lines or through the Internet. We offer two APIs (Java and .Net) or you can develop your own interface. With our API sample code and documentation, development is much quicker, and your software can be live with market data in minutes.

Our broadcast data feeds can also be used by Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) looking to integrate market data directly into their software.

  • Supply data to trading platform, charting and financial analysis apps
  • Power a back-office risk management or accounting system
  • Create custom web solutions
  • Incorporate market data within your software
  • Power algorithm-based or black box trading solutions
  • License broadcast data feeds directly to your clients (with contract for redistribution and additional user subscriber fees)

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Raw Data Feeds



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Barchart's raw data feeds come directly from the exchanges and offer a cost-saving approach to accessing low-latency market data in original exchange format.

Whether you require CME brand or NYSE raw feeds, Barchart provide streaming access to dozens of exchanges.

  • Delivered through a leased line or the Internet
  • Real-time or Delayed
  • Data delivered message-per-message as reported by the exchange
  • Redistribute data (with contract for redistribution and additional user subscriber fees)

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OnDemand Data Feeds



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Barchart OnDemand Amazon Web Services AWS

Our OnDemand service can be used to receive real-time, delayed, or end-of-day snapshot prices as needed, rather than streaming or broadcast.

You can also get OnDemand Historical time series data (tick, n-minute bars, daily data, continuation data, etc.) for download, back testing, analysis, or for building charts.

Barchart maintains extensive amounts of pristine historical market data with enhanced error-checking to ensure high quality. Get more details here.

  • For front and back-office applications
  • Develop custom website content
  • Real-time, Delayed, End-of-Day and Historical Data
  • Flexible query statements that allow you to retrieve a wide variety of data sets, including those with multiple symbols or wide timeframes
  • Build charts
  • Web services APIs in JSON, XML and CSV format

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End-of-Day Data Feeds



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Barchart End-of-Day data is available for worldwide equities, futures, indices, funds and forex.

Our extensive error checking ensures our data meets the highest standards of accuracy. The breadth of data available, along with easy access, makes our EOD data solutions a valuable tool for your business.

  • Delivered via HTTP or FTP
  • Covers Global Equities, Indices, Futures, Funds and Forex
  • End-of-Day Summary Data, as well as End-of-Day Tick Data and N-Minute Data
  • Can be licensed directly to your clients

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  Worldwide Indices   Worldwide Funds
  Worldwide Forex   File-Based Delivery (FTP)
  OnDemand Delivery
       (Web Service APIs)

ISVs Independent Software Vendors Data



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Software firms and developers can easily integrate real-time, delayed, and historical market data into third-party applications with technology managed and hosted by Barchart. Market data is fed directly to the client/end-user applications with Barchart as the vendor of record.

Vendor of Record information

Choose from our .NET or Java API, complete with code samples, documentation, and specialized tech support—or develop your own API.

Market data is sourced directly from each exchange, consolidated and compressed into our proprietary format—then delivered utilizing TCP or UDP transfer protocols directly from our servers to the end-user.

In addition, Barchart can host user registration, billing, subscriber agreements, exchange reporting and market data related support. User registration is fully automated through our custom-built user registration form, styled to match your branding.

Data packages with pricing for varying symbol limits and data are available.

  • Direct access to major exchanges, global forex and extensive historical data
  • Barchart fully manages and hosts the market data technology and related resources
  • Multiple APIs available
  • Competitive pricing for real-time, delayed, end-of-day and historical data
  • Fully automated user registration and access to a dedicated support desk
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