Fundamental Stock Data

Barchart is a distributor of Zacks Fundamental Data.  Fundamental Data fields available for US Equities include the following. Many other Fundamental Data fields are available, for more information, please Contact Us.

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Annual Balance Sheet View Samples
Annual Income Statement View Samples
Annual Cash Flow Statement  
Quarterly Balance Sheet
Quarterly Income Statement
Market Value View Sample
Shares Outstanding
Institutional Shareholders (%)  
Industry Sector (SIC Code)  
Zacks Sector  
Earnings and Earnings per Share
Earnings Growth Rates  
Dividend Rate and Yield  
Most Recent Dividend  
Most Recent Split  

Corporate Information
Company Name and Address View Samples
Business Description
Company Officers  

Financial Ratios  
P/E Ratio View Samples
Profit Margin  
Return on Equity (%)  
Return on Assets (%)  
Debt / Equity  
Interest Coverage  
Book Values  
Price / Sales  
Dividend Payout  

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